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Years Active:1986‐

    Chris Hannah (Guitar/Vocals)
    Todd "The Rod" Kowalski (Bass/Vocals)
    Jord Samolesky (Drums/Vocals)
    David "The Beaver" Guillas (Guitar/Vocals)

  1. We Don't Get Paid, We Don't Get Laid, and Boy Are We Lazy (Demo 90 DIY)

  2. Fuck the Scene (Demo 91 DIY)

  3. Martial Law with a Cherry on Top (Demo 92 DIY)

  4. How to Clean Everything  How to Clean Everything (93, 13 Fat Wreck Chords)

  5.   How to Clean a Couple o' Things (93 Fat Wreck Chords)

  6. Where Quantity Is Job #1  Where Quantity Is Job #1 (94 Recess)

  7.   I'd Rather Be Flag-Burning [Split w/I Spy (CAN RIP 91-96)] (95 Recess)

  9.   Split w/FYP (RIP 88-00) (95 Recess)

  10.   Yep (Live 95 Applecore)

    1. Firestorm, My Ass/(Liquid) Meat Is Still Murder
    2. Stick the Fucking Flag Up Your Ass You Goddamn Sonofabitch
    3.  ...and We Thought That Nation-States Were a Bad Idea
    4. Fuck Machine
    5. Less Talk, More Rock
    6. Middle Finger Response
    7. The Woe Is Me I'm So Misunderstood Song
    8. Gifts
    9. Anti-Manifesto
    10. Everyone Get Naked Song

  11.   Systematic Destruction [Split w/  Malefaction (CAN), I Spy (CAN), Silence Equals] (95 Bad Food For Thought

  12. Less Talk, More Rock  Less Talk, More Rock (96, 10 Fat Wreck Chords)

  13. Where Quantity Is Job #1  Where Quantity Is Job #1 [98 G-7 Welcome Committe (CAN)]

  14. Today's Empires, Tomorrow's Ashes  Today's Empires, Tomorrow's Ashes [01 G-7 Welcome Committe (CAN)]

  15.   Live (Split w/ Cria Cuervos) [Live 02 Diabolik (FRA)]

  16. Potemkin City Limits  Potemkin City Limits [05 Fat Wreck Chords, G-7 Welcome Committe (CAN)]

  17.   Live from Occupied Territory [07 G-7 Welcome Committe (CAN)]

    1. Canada's Funnyman: Eton Harris
    2. With Friends Like These, Who the F**k Needs COINTELPRO?
    3. F**k the Border
    4. Natural Disasters
    5. Mate Ka Moris Ukun Rasik An
    6. Less Talk, More Rock
    7. Rio de San Atlanta, Manitoba
    8. A People's History of the World
    9. The State Lottery
    10. Name and Address Withheld
    11. March of the Crabs
    12. Ladies' Nite In Loserville
    13. Back to the Motor League
    14. ... and We Thought Nation-States Were a Bad Idea
    15. Mutual Friend
    16. Stick the Flag Up Your Ass
    17. Today's Empires, Tomorrow's Ashes
    18. Superbowl Patriot XXXVI
    19. Purina Hall of Fame
    20. Wake Up America
    21. True
    22. Hard Times

  18. Supporting Caste  Supporting Caste [09 Smallman (CAN), G-7 Welcome Committe (CAN), Tang Pang (JPN)]

  19.   Recover [EP 10 G-7 Welcome Committe (CAN)]

    1. What Price Will You Pay?
    2. Leg-Hold Trap
    3. Gamble

  20.   Split w/ Sacrifice (CAN) [10 War On Music (CAN)]

  21.   Failed States (12 Epitaph)


Supporting Caste (08)

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