Latin For Truth (USA 05-13)

Years Active:2005-2013

    Michael (Vocals)
    Charles (Guitar/Vocals)
    Zack (Guitar)
    Christian (Bass)
    Corey (Drums)

  1.   Kids F.O.S (Fight over Solos) (06, 07 Mightier Than Sword)

    1. Brittany Spears (Cover) (Live)
    2. Dirt Adds Color to These Feet
    3. Five Knuckle Hustle (Live)
    4. Glory, Glory Mr Gatsby
    5. How to Score at Your Funeral
    6. In Cali (Live)
    7. Intro
    8. Karma Is Female Dog
    9. Karma Is Female Dog (Live)
    10. Tatche (Live)
    11. The Ins and Outs of Everything That Never Works
    12. White Boys can Rap
    13. Blunt=Shark
    14. Teenage Noise

  2.   Kill the Scene (EP 07 Mightier Than Sword)

    1. I Put the Pop in Unpopular
    2. Life Is a Curbstomp Waiting to Happen
    3. Alabama Softcore
    4. Gutter Punk Mixtape
    5. A Year in Reverse

  3.   A Brand New Formula (EP 08)  

    1. Voted Best Smoke Break Two Years in a Row
    2. Beers, Bro's, or Beatdowns
    3. Teenage Noise
    4. Coup de Grace for Candace
    5. Balls Deep
    6. Anchor to the Neck

  4.   Eleven Eleven (09 Wisteria)

    1. If Only Your Band Was As Big As Your Ego
    2. Lying for a Living
    3. Hope Is Alive and Well
    4. Captain Hardcore Cashes In
    5. Gas Station Grills
    6. What Would Bruce Campbell Do
    7. Dark Sunshine
    8. I'm Not Beefing with the Almighty, I'm Just Saying I've Got Questions and...
    9. SSDD
    10. Hot Breathe
    11. Sailor Talk about Digital Support

  5.   We Are Sick of Not Having the Courage to Be Absolute Nobodies! (EP 09 Pitfall)

    1. 88 Says
    2. Natural Tailor of Natural Joy
    3. Phuckette Motorsports

  6.   The '95 Sound (EP 09 Pitfall)

    1. All My Friends Are Creeps and Liars (Except You)
    2. Booking Hell
    3. Glory, Glory, Joseph Maxwell
    4. There Used to Be a Marching Band in My Legs

  7.   Diatribe or Die (EP 10 Mightier Than Sword, 12 Team Shithead)

    1. Mexicaine de Perforation
    2. No Love Lawst
    3. Socially Adrift, Physically in Tune
    4. 88 Says
    5. Natural Tailor of Natural Joy
    6. Phuckette Motorsports

  8.   Youth Crew Blues (11 Better Days)

  9.   There's a Castle and a Crown for Every Cockroach in Every Town (EP 12 Team Shithead)

    1. Meander
    2. Punk Rock Lives in Texas
    3. Five Years from Now Isn't Five Years Ago
    4. From God's Mouth to Buddha's Ass
    5. Abby (in a Scent, Deth)
    6. Boxcar (Jawbreaker Cover)

  10.   It's Good to Be Clown Shoes When You Work at the Circus (EP 13 Team Shithead)

    1. Arseni Menshevik
    2. Cold Quay
    3. Terra Moan at the Whiskey Moon


    Kid Dynamite
    Daggermouth (CAN)


Youth Crew Blues (11)

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