Belvedere (CAN RIP 95-05)

Active Years:1995-2005, 2012-2013
  • Steve Rawles (Vocals/Guitar)
  • Scott Marshal (Guitar/Vocals)
  • Jaison Synclair (Bass/Vocals)
  • Graham Churchill (Drums)
  1. Milk the Cow: 4 Bands from Cowtown [Split w/ Downway (CAN), Showndown '76 (CAN), Big Daddy Ritter (CAN)] [96 Hourglass (CAN)]

    1. Disgruntled (Downway)
    2. Looking for Something (Showndown '76)
    3. Rusted (Big Daddy Ritter)
    4. Broken Pedastal (Belvedere)
    5. Solution (Downway)
    6. This Side (Showndown '76)
    7. Isolation (Big Daddy Ritter)
    8. Lemmings (Belvedere)
    9. Uncle's Truck (Downway)
    10. By Your Side (Showndown '76)
    11. Don't Know (Big Daddy Ritter)
    12. Loss of Memory (Belvedere)
    13. Poster Boy (Downway)
    14. I'm Sorry (Showndown '76)
    15. Little Anna (Big Daddy Ritter)
    16. Simpler Day (Belvedere)
    17. United by Fear (Downway)
    18. Phobias (Belvedere)

  2. (Demo 95 DIY)

    1. Danky
    2. High Priced
    3. Talk Show
    4. Market Share
    5. Facts of Life

  3. Because No One Stopped Us [98 Hourglass (CAN), Two-O-Six, 07 Bells On (JPN)]

  4. Angels Live in My Town [00 Hourglass (CAN), Jump Start]

  1. 'twas Hell Said Former Child [01 Jump Start, Household Name (GBR)]

  2. Four Lessons to Drive [Split w/ Reset (CAN), Flatcat (BEL), Predial (BRA)] [01 Highlight Sounds (BRA)]

    1. My Dream and I
    2. Pollution
    3. Pressure
    4. Double Cross
    1. Essence of Our Lives
    2. Demand Respect
    3. Seventeen
    4. Time to Move On
    1. Live Free or Die
    2. Popular Guy
    3. Waste of Time
    4. Smashes Like Kournikova
    1. The People's Song
    2. Mediator
    3. Todd
    4. Malpractice

  3. Hometown Advantage [Split w/ Downway (CAN)] [03 Union (CAN)]

  4.   (Effervescence)
    Fast Forward Eats The Tape
    [04 Union (CAN), 12 Effervescence (FRA)]

  5. Punk Rock Vol. 1 [Split w/ Carter Peace Mission, Veteran Flashbax, Throw Downs) (08 Two-O-Six)

  6.   Belvedere (12 Jump Start)

  7.   All of It (13 )

    1. Broken Pedestal (Milk the Cow)
    2. Lemmings (Milk the Cow)
    3. Loss of Memory (Milk the Cow)
    4. Simpler Day (Milk the Cow)
    5. Phobias (Milk the Cow)
    6. Danky (Red Tape Demo)
    7. High Priced (Red Tape Demo)
    8. Talk Show (Red Tape Demo)
    9. Market Share (Red Tape Demo)
    10. Facts of Life (Red Tape Demo)
    11. The Bottom Line (Because No One Stopped Us)
    12. Danky (Because No One Stopped Us)
    13. Talk Show (Because No One Stopped Us)
    14. Bad Day (Because No One Stopped Us)
    15. High School Heroics (Because No One Stopped Us)
    16. Pass the Joe (Because No One Stopped Us)
    17. Market Share (Because No One Stopped Us)
    18. Spark (Because No One Stopped Us)
    19. Lemmings (Because No One Stopped Us)
    20. Subversive (Because No One Stopped Us)
    21. Circus (Because No One Stopped Us)
    22. My Girlfriend Only Likes Me When She's Drunk (Because No One Stopped Us)
    23. Concept (Because No One Stopped Us)
    24. High Priced (Because No One Stopped Us)
    25. Class a Jackass (Because No One Stopped Us)
    26. 2nd Column (Angels Live in My Town)
    27. The People's Song (Angels Live in My Town)
    28. Difference (Angels Live in My Town)
    29. Malpractice (Angels Live in My Town)
    30. Airplane (Angels Live in My Town)
    31. 669: The Number of the Feast (Angels Live in My Town)
    32. Mediator (Angels Live in My Town)
    33. Weekend Warrior (Angels Live in My Town)
    34. Todd (Angels Live in My Town)
    35. Not My Problem (Angels Live in My Town)
    36. Male Pattern Impotence (Angels Live in My Town)
    37. Condiment King (Angels Live in My Town)
    38. Sik Salivation (Angels Live in My Town)
    39. The Only Problem with Wishful Thinking ('Twas Hell Said Former Child)
    40. Excuse Me, Can I Use This Chair? ('Twas Hell Said Former Child)
    41. It's Tough to Be a Bully When There's No One Left to Bully ('Twas Hell Said Former Child)
    42. A Juxtaposition of Action and Reason ('Twas Hell Said Former Child)
    43. Two Minutes for Looking So Good ('Twas Hell Said Former Child)
    44. Repetition Rejection ('Twas Hell Said Former Child)
    45. Cellophane Coffin ('Twas Hell Said Former Child)
    46. It's Hard to Look Cool with Your Head Up Your Ass ('Twas Hell Said Former Child)
    47. She Sells and Sand Sandwiches ('Twas Hell Said Former Child)
    48. And You Thought the Doctor's Probe Hurt ('Twas Hell Said Former Child)
    49. Home Ice Advantage (Hometown Advantage)
    50. Paradise (Hometown Advantage)
    51. Seconds Away (Hometown Advantage)
    52. Brandy Wine (Hometown Advantage)
    53. Distress (Hometown Advantage)
    54. Subhuman Nature (Fast Forward Eats the Tape)
    55. Three's a Crowd (Fast Forward Eats the Tape)
    56. Closed Doors (Fast Forward Eats the Tape)
    57. Unplugged (Fast Forward Eats the Tape)
    58. Quicksand (Fast Forward Eats the Tape)
    59. Two Minutes for Looking So Good (Fast Forward Eats the Tape)
    60. All about Perspectives (Fast Forward Eats the Tape)
    61. Elementally Regarded (Fast Forward Eats the Tape)
    62. Brandy Wine (Fast Forward Eats the Tape)
    63. Stain (Fast Forward Eats the Tape)
    64. Slaves to the Pavement (Fast Forward Eats the Tape)
    65. Early Retirement (Fast Forward Eats the Tape)
    66. Popular Inquiries into Everyday Disasters (Fast Forward Eats the Tape)
    67. Bad Decisions (Fast Forward Eats the Tape)
    68. Anesthetic (Fast Forward Eats The Tape)


All of It (13)

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